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Find out how you can start your asset tokenisation investment today.
Buy-A-BRIC: Real Estate Investment made easy
Our programme makes it possible for you to start real estate investment asap – browse, select a property of your choice, and you are on the way to being a BRIC owner! The fractional ownership model allows you to invest as low as USD50 (or more, if you decide so) by challenging the way traditional property ownership is being done in the current market.
Discover the benefits
Seamless and simplified processes
A seamless verification process (eKYC) to get you started to build your dream real estate investment portfolio. Our aim is to make investment easy –sit back and relax after you are done with the BRIC purchasing, and let us take care of the rest of your journey.
Fractional Property Ownership at its’ best
Get access to your preferred properties – with Buy-A-BRIC, invest in the properties of your dream seamlessly.
The New Way to Build Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio
The Buy-A-BRIC programme empowers you to be a digital savvy property investor. Its fractional ownership model eliminates the limitations of traditional real estate investment and allows you to build your investment portfolio from anywhere in the world.
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