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Secure and regulated asset tokenisation on the blockchain
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As low as $50 USD with no down payments required when you invest in any asset on Likwid.
Leave the tedious process of loan application in the past! Now, you can choose your preferred asset and start investing instantly.
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Get started with just 4 simple verification steps and let us take care of the rest.
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Build the investment portfolio that’s best suited for you. High liquid and easily accessible through blockchain technology.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Likwid?
Likwid is an Asset Tokenisation Platform which offer users a wide range of performing asset investments which are carefully screened and hand-picked. Likwid's goal is to provide users different form of investments to achieve financial freedom.
What does tokenisation of assets mean?
Tokenisation of assets is the process of creating a digital representation of a physical asset in form of Token.
Why tokenise assets?
Through tokenisation of assets, this allows global users to easily access to affordable investments as well as investment liquidity.
What is the minimum capital needed to invest?
$50. Likwid’s goal is to provide accessible and affordable investments.
When will token earnings be distributed?
Token earnings will be distributed to your account by the 7th of every month.

Real Estate Tokens

What is a Real Estate Token?
Real Estate Token is a digital representation of a Real Estate to proof the access to certain economic rights.
Why tokenise Real Estate?
Likwid chose Real Estate to be the first use case for Asset Tokenisation as Real Estates is one of the most sought-after asset classes in the market.
What are the benefits of Real Estate Token investment?
Real Estate Tokens provides passive income to users via rental return and potential returns from capital appreciation.
What can I do with my Real Estate Tokens?
Real Estate Tokens provide users with investment liquidity. Users have the freedom to either hold their tokens for rental returns or sell their tokens to other users for returns from capital appreciation.


Is Likwid licensed/regulated?
Likwid is the sole reseller of Asset Tokens for EBRIC (Labuan) Ltd who is one of the first few companies in Southeast Asia granted with a license by Labuan Financial Securities Authority (LFSA).
Where will Tokens be stored?
Asset Tokens purchased will be securely held by Likwid until user transfer to their Crypto Wallet.