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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a BRIC?
A BRIC is a digital token that represents a part or a fraction of the underlying real-world asset you invested in.

The concept is based on fractional investing, where the investor can purchase just a fraction or part of a tokenised asset rather than one whole.
What do I get after buying BRIC(s)?
Once you're a BRIC owner, you get to enjoy passive income from the returns and appreciation (if applicable) without the hassle of hands-on asset management. Enjoy diversifying your investment portfolio while reaping returns from the income-generating assets every day.
How do I calculate the returns generated from my BRICs?
You can calculate returns generated from your BRICs (for all asset types) by following this guide:

Total Annual Return = (Total BRICs Purchased x BRIC Price) x Annual Rate of Return

As an example, with below assumptions:

Total BRICs Purchased: 100
BRIC Price: USD 50
Annual Rate of Return: 6%
Total Annual Return = (100 x USD 50) x 6% = USD 300
Is BRIC similar to a crypto token?
No. A BRIC is a digital token that is backed by REAL-WORLD ASSET such as real estate and solar projects.
Is there any lock-up period involved?
Lock-up period availability is per asset basis. If there is, it will be highlighted in the investment agreement of the asset .


Why should I sign the investor agreement?
All BRIC buyers will be required to sign a token purchase agreement, also known as an Investor Agreement.

This agreement secures your rights of the economic interest to the returns and capital gains of the underlying asset. Once signed, the economic rights of the fractional asset will be granted to the BRIC owner.

Important Note:
We are required by law to maintain records of transactions involving individuals and entities, in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001. To comply with this law, it is necessary to sign the Investor Agreement.
Do I own the physical fraction of the asset bought?
No, you do not own a physical fraction of the asset. However, you are entitled to returns and/or capital appreciation.

Solar Project

What is Token Maturity Date?
At Token Maturity Date, token holders will receive amount based on the Buyback Price per Token and token quantity.

E.g. If you own 2 tokens at maturity and the buyback price per token is USD 50, you will receive (USD 50*2) = USD 100.
What is Buyback Price per Token?
It is the amount that will be returned to the token holders at Token Maturity Date.

Real Estate

What is Net Rent?
Net rent is the total amount after rental subtracted other expenses, such as maintenance expenses, property taxes and insurance.
How is annual rate of return calculated?
Your annual rate of return can be calculated using this simple formula:

Annual rate of return = (Net rent per month x 12) / Total Investment Value

BRIC Income

How do I receive my BRIC income?
Your BRIC income is distributed daily , and it will be displayed on your dashboard along with the withdrawal eligibility.
What is the withdrawal eligibility?
You can withdraw your BRIC income to your bank account from Likwid Asset platform when you have fulfilled these 4 requirements:

1) Complete KYC
2) Sign the Investor Agreement
3) Have a verified bank account detail
Go to Account > My Profile > Bank Details
4) Your returns reach the minimum threshold of USD 10
When will the platform distribute my BRIC income?
The 1st day of income distribution is per asset basis and is available on the asset page. There are two conditions on when will the income is distributed: after BRICs are sold out OR after the BRIC is purchased.
Is Likwid regulated by any authorities?
Likwid is the sole reseller of Asset Tokens for EBRIC (Labuan) Ltd, who is one of the first few companies in Southeast Asia granted with a license by Labuan Financial Securities Authority (LFSA).