DAdvance Agarwood Tokenisation - Seri Menanti, Johor, Johor, Malaysia , USD500,000.00 - Likwid

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DAdvance Agarwood Tokenisation
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DAdvance Agarwood Tokenisation
Seri Menanti, Johor

Project Type
Agarwood Tokenisation
Project Status
Completed and in operation
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Total Investment Value
USD 500,000.00
Annual Rate of Return
Annual Rate of Return
Token holders will be entitled to receive an income of 10.00% per annum. However, the returns may slightly differ each month according to the latest exchange rate.
10.00% p.a.
Token Maturity Date
Token Maturity Date
Token holders will receive principal at maturity based on buyback price per token. The tenure of the token is 5 years. Both the tenure and daily income begin after all tokens are sold out. The token maturity date is subject to change if the tokens are sold out earlier.
Buyback Price per Token (USD)
Buyback Price per Token (USD)
The amount that token holders will receive at maturity per token.
USD 50.00
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